Extraordinary Egypt

  1. Make a play about a day in the life of a farmer's child from Ancient Egypt.
  2. Write a set of directions which would get you from your home town to Cairo (by land/flying in a straight line/going by boat from the nearest port and hugging the coast
  3. Make a secret message using Hieroglyphics and include a key to help people solve it.
  4. Make a maths problem using the Ancient Egyptian number system.
  5. Imagine you are the Pharoah and make a poster of the plans for your death!
  6. How do you think Tutankhamen died?  Make a poster about how Tut might have died with at least 3 possibilities which are based on historical evidence.
  7. Imagine you have travelled back in time to the Ancient Egyptians.  What would be the same and what would be different?  When would you rather be alive and why?  Make a table, write a comparison or give a talk.
  8. Design an illustrated Ancient Egyptian pot which tells us about a part of the Pharoah's life.  Make a label which tells us about it.
  9. Why do we learn about the Ancient EgyptiansMake a report of the reasons why the Ancient Egyptians are important.
  10. Make a fact file of the Ancient Egyptian Gods.
Try searching:
Woodlands site

The Woodlands site is fantastic - simple language and lots of easy to understand information.

 CBBC News,
The British Museum
Larry Ferlazzo's Egyptian sites

Look here for general sites:

Play these games to test your knowledge.  WARNING...they are quite difficult::

Vocabulary revision
Ancient Egypt Graphic Vocabulary Organiser  

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