Monday, 31 August 2009

World Countries

We looked at the world today! Using google earth we zoomed into school and out again.

You can download this program FOR FREE at home, but you will need to do this with your parents.

Have fun.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Wow a kaleidoscope of your very own!

Before computers were in every home, when I grew up (well computers were starting to be invented when I was small) we had toys called Kaleidoscopes which looked like this:

When you look through them they make amazing patterns by reflecting colour in mirrors.

The patterns looked like this:

I have just found a way to make the same kind of pattern. Look here and have a go. It's an easy to use website which makes all sorts of patterns.


Have a look and listen at this set of slides. Which words would you use to describe these animals?
Are they wild?
Do all of the lions look dangerous? Do some of the animals look relaxed?

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Steam Driven Car beats 100 year old record

Did you like the clip from Newsround today?
Here is the link to the site for you to show your mum or dad. How amazing that heating up water can make a car move at over 140 miles per hour!

Remember to look at the EAL blog

Don't forget to look at the EAL blog at:

Lots of good ideas, vocabulary and help.

ECA sign up

Here's a message from Mr Hockley, one of the Y3 and 4 football ECA coaches:

"Please remind footballers that when they are considering signing up for ECAs if they want to represent the school in any possible fixtures in the future they will need to attend the Thursday football ECA.

Don't forget to sign up for ECAs starting tomorrow.

Ask your parents to go to the parent gateway to see what you can choose.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Perfect Plants!

Helping Plants Grow Well

Today we started our science topic. We went outside to sketch some plants. We started to think about how we can help plants to grow well.

What do you think?

Year 3 garden
We also talked about our Year 3 garden.
Which plants could we grow there?
Do all plants grow well in Thailand? How could we find out?
How will we care from them?
What might happen to them if we don't care for them?

Plant questions
Do you have anything you want to find out about plants?

Send a comment to the blog.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

PE kit and recorders

Well done to all of the children who remembered their correct PE kit for basketball today. As PE is at the start of the day, you may come to school wearing your kit. You must change into school uniform after the PE lesson . Also please remember to write your name and class on your kit, including your towel, flipflips and goggles (if possible).

Please remember to bring a recorder (see picture below) to school on Monday and Tuesday for your music lesson. Recorders are available from the school shop for 12o baht and can be bought by children during break or lunch time, or by parents between 7:30am and 4pm.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Weather and Holidays

Where did you go on holiday? What was the weather like? What clothes and equipment did you take with you? How did the weather affect your holiday?

We'll be learning about different kinds of weather and what kinds of weather you have in different parts of the world.

Look here and try and find out why clouds are white.
Go here to see how big hurricanes can be.
Want to know what weather is? Look here.
What is precipitation? Look here.

Here is another weather site for kids:

Let me know if you find any other good ones... and don't forget to send in your comments.
Well done to Toby, Seb, Joe and others who have startedto comment.

DUMTUMS and School Student Council Elections

D ate
U nderline
M argin
T itle
U nderline
M argin
S tart

We've been getting our work started neatly today... and we're getting quicker and neater at it too.

Here's some advanced warning:
We will be choosing our class student council reps this week. Here's a message from Miss Caswell:

"The student council will have their meetings during Golden Time on Fridays (half the time will be used for meeting and the other half fun activities).

Each class needs to carry out an election so that we have 2 student council representatives per class. It would be good if this were a boy and a girl but if it doesn't work out like that don't worry. Elections should be done by a private ballot to ensure fairness and democracy. "

Please ask me for an application form if you want to try to be a school council rep. You will need to fill it out, an advert and a detailed over view of what student councils are all about.

Applications were handed out on Tuesday to children who were interested and they are due in on Thursday at the latest.

To find out more, read the advert and the information sheet in class. Click here for the application form if you are interested.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Week 1, Friday arrives!

Welcome to the weekend!
We've had a busy week of getting to know each other in 3W.

Welcome to our new students and their families and well done to their buddies (names written in brackets...keep up the good work!):Guilli (Joe), Seb (Toby), Tom (Ali) and Jana (Jessica).

We made a start with getting into the routines which will help us everyday...what to do when we get to to get to and from the bus...getting a snack card...logging into the school to get a reading book in the shared to walk into to get a book at the library...the list goes on.

We have started to use our books, work trays and classroom resources.

Have a good weekend.

We have also started to earn marbles.

What was the best part of the week for you?
Have you made any friends?
What questions do you have?

Please comment...I'll tell you how to do this easily at the parent meeting next week. If any children need a reminder, I'll go over it again in class.

Mr Ben

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

How's it been?

Holidays are nearly over...if you were in 3W last year and are reading this then send in any comments about the holidays. I'll see you as you climb the steps to Y4! Hope you enjoyed the rest.

If you are about to join Y3, then welcome! I hope you enjoy reading this blog and start to add your own comments and send your own pieces of writing.

See you on the first day back.