Monday, 24 August 2009

DUMTUMS and School Student Council Elections

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We've been getting our work started neatly today... and we're getting quicker and neater at it too.

Here's some advanced warning:
We will be choosing our class student council reps this week. Here's a message from Miss Caswell:

"The student council will have their meetings during Golden Time on Fridays (half the time will be used for meeting and the other half fun activities).

Each class needs to carry out an election so that we have 2 student council representatives per class. It would be good if this were a boy and a girl but if it doesn't work out like that don't worry. Elections should be done by a private ballot to ensure fairness and democracy. "

Please ask me for an application form if you want to try to be a school council rep. You will need to fill it out, an advert and a detailed over view of what student councils are all about.

Applications were handed out on Tuesday to children who were interested and they are due in on Thursday at the latest.

To find out more, read the advert and the information sheet in class. Click here for the application form if you are interested.

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