Saturday, 29 August 2009

Wow a kaleidoscope of your very own!

Before computers were in every home, when I grew up (well computers were starting to be invented when I was small) we had toys called Kaleidoscopes which looked like this:

When you look through them they make amazing patterns by reflecting colour in mirrors.

The patterns looked like this:

I have just found a way to make the same kind of pattern. Look here and have a go. It's an easy to use website which makes all sorts of patterns.


  1. I loved playing with my kaleidoscope toy when I was a little girl. It was great fun making these kaleidoscope-style patterns and looking at the symmetry of the patterns. Thanks
    Miss Jane

  2. I think kaleidoscopes make a lovely swirling pattern when you twist it around.

    Athena, 4E


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