Friday, 21 August 2009

Week 1, Friday arrives!

Welcome to the weekend!
We've had a busy week of getting to know each other in 3W.

Welcome to our new students and their families and well done to their buddies (names written in brackets...keep up the good work!):Guilli (Joe), Seb (Toby), Tom (Ali) and Jana (Jessica).

We made a start with getting into the routines which will help us everyday...what to do when we get to to get to and from the bus...getting a snack card...logging into the school to get a reading book in the shared to walk into to get a book at the library...the list goes on.

We have started to use our books, work trays and classroom resources.

Have a good weekend.

We have also started to earn marbles.

What was the best part of the week for you?
Have you made any friends?
What questions do you have?

Please comment...I'll tell you how to do this easily at the parent meeting next week. If any children need a reminder, I'll go over it again in class.

Mr Ben


  1. Dear Mr. Ben,
    You are a wonderful teacher and I have really enjoyed year 3 so far.
    The best part of the week was you giving us marbles.
    From Toby Mills 3W

  2. I really like the patterns we made this week.
    Will we be making anymore.

    Joe 3W

  3. I liked getting the marbles.

    Seb 3W

  4. I liked getting the marbles.

    Seb 3W

  5. To Mr. Winter, I am looking forward to the second week and I am wondering what the homework will look like. And I am wondering if you will make us do harder work than the first week.
    Toby Mills


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