Monday, 24 August 2009

Weather and Holidays

Where did you go on holiday? What was the weather like? What clothes and equipment did you take with you? How did the weather affect your holiday?

We'll be learning about different kinds of weather and what kinds of weather you have in different parts of the world.

Look here and try and find out why clouds are white.
Go here to see how big hurricanes can be.
Want to know what weather is? Look here.
What is precipitation? Look here.

Here is another weather site for kids:

Let me know if you find any other good ones... and don't forget to send in your comments.
Well done to Toby, Seb, Joe and others who have startedto comment.

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  1. There are good statistics on the site by Thai Meteorological department. I find the page that gives 30-year average rainfall very interesting because most Thai were taught in school that rainy season is from July to October but it actually rains more in May than July or August.

    The below is the URL for current weather status and forecast from their Bangna station. Note that I don't find the forecast to be very accurate. ;)

    Arpakorn (Bua's dad)


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