Friday, 27 November 2009

Smoothie making 09!

So far we have tasted drinks and juices, smoothies from the school smoothie bar, and fruit.

Today we made our own smoothies...have a look at the great photos below:

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Our Local area

We have been using the cafe, dentist, opticians and shshi bar role play areas.

Which looks like the best fun?
How good is your eyesight?
Do you need any fillings?
What kind of sushi do you like to eat?
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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Writing Letters

Do you know about the different parts of a letter?

Look here to find out more.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Place Value

This is a great website to help you get better at place value.  

Read the number, partition the number and click on the correct value of the digits.

Friday, 20 November 2009

400 marble - Class party - Wednesday afternoon, 1:15-2:15

Well done for being kind and thoughtful and following the Golden Rules.

We have earned 400 marbles and are having our party this week.  (We waited for Tom to come back to school).  So well done to Punn and Joe for helping to organise the party during break and lunch times.  Thanks to these people for saying they will bring along food, games or activities:

Food and drinks
  • Thomas - Oreos
  • Annabel - Popcorn
  • Richie - Cakes
  • Ali - Brownies
  • Joe - Crisps
  • Punn - Orange Juice
  • Tom - Guava juice
  • Melanie - Blueberry juice
  • Estelle - Apple juice
Games and activities
  • Richie - Lego
  • Adelia - jigsaw
  • Tinn - colouring
  • Melyssa and Rita - Teddy bears
  • Annabel - skipping rope
  • Joe - Alien Twist
  • Anika - Pass the parcel (can you bring a music cd too?)
  • Jessie - Twister 
  • Melyssa - Monopoly

If you need to prepare any activities, then please get this ready before Wednesday.   

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Fractions - another great site to help you learn

Have a look here for another site with help on fractions.

This one is great for sharing cookies between friends.

Carnivore, Herbivore or Omnivore?

Are you an omnivore, herbivore or carnivore?


We are learning about teeth and eating and were thinking about what kinds of food animals eat to get their energy.


Different animals have different teeth…why is that?


Use this link to play the game we played in class today to learn about carnivores herbivores and omnivores.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Division Facts

If you are on your way to knowing some of your times tables, you should already know many division facts too.

This bingo game is a great game for helping you to learn the division facts quickly.

This number space invaders game helps you work on multiplication and division facts.  You also get to choose which times or division facts you are working on.

This petshop game gives you prizes for the answers you answer correctly.

This harvest game rewards you with  a game where you leap from hay bale to hay bale but you must avoid the crows

Please comment on your best scores and your favourite games.

Writing about the beach - setting

I heard my friend Billy talking to a tall boy.  They were trying to make friends, saying things like "What is your name?  What are you doing today?  What date is your birthday?  How old are you?"  I heard the seagulls squarking loudly.  The wind blew very hard and very loud.
The coconut trees were leaning from the power of the wind.  I saw light sand and it was extremely hot and it looked very red.


Waves hitting shore, seagulls calling , it's a wonderful day to be at the beach. Suddenly I heard a screaming sound.  Oh, it was just a boy laughing about his video game.  So I just carried on sunbathing.  I heard a dog barking.  At  the sea a boy was just about to get the ball when suddenlyu he fell down a hole.  His parents raced to the hole, but the boy was already gone and there were some strange footprints which looked like hands.
Haley had silky brown hair and a pink swimming costume.  She was so shocked by the handprints...


Tom was strolling along the beach when he saw something but he could not tell what it was because it was night.  Tom came back the next night.  It was still there so he made a plan to come back the next night.


Monday, 16 November 2009

Odds and Evens...have you got any beans?

Here is a game from this site which would be great to play with an adult:

This game involves recognition of odd and even numbers and making and testing predictions. It is played in pairs.
15 items, such as beans, counters, cubes, gumnuts or acorns.
In turn, each player takes 1, 2 or 3 objects until no objects are left. The winner is the person who has an odd number of objects.

Here are some great investigations from NRich a website full of great challenges and investigations.

Make 37
Go here to see another game which is great for your addition.  For hints, try this page.

Magic Vs
Here's another problem which gives you a chance to make different totals.

Think you know your times tables?  Then try this one...Shifted Times tables

We are very busy people!

Today, as I was talking to my class about how I would like them to read our blog and comment on the blog, I realised that they have very busy lives and finding time for reading and commenting on the blog is sometimes a difficult thing to do.

We started having a conversation about what we do after school.  Here are some of the responses from some very busy children:

I am a very busy person!  My name is Bua

This is what I do before and after school:
Monday:       violin lesson (30min), practice violin (10min), reading (10min), travel (2 x 15min)
Tuesday:       practice violin (10min), reading (10min), Tiger Sharks (1 hr),travel (2 x 15min)
Wednesday:  practice violin (10min), reading (10min), Choir (1hr),travel (2 x 15min)
Thursday:      practice violin (10min), reading (10min),Tiger Sharks (1 hr),travel (2 x 15min)
Friday:          practice violin (10min), reading (10min), Drama (1hr),travel (2 x 15min)
Saturday:      practice violin (10min), reading (10min), badminton (2hr)
Sunday:        practice violin (10min), reading (10min), ballet (2hr), piano (1hr)

I am a very busy person!  My name is Richie

This is what I do before and after school:
Monday:      travel (25min),Reading(15min)Homework(10min), Water Colour Painting ECA (1hr)
Tuesday:      travel (25min)Reading(15min) Tutor (2hr), Taekwondow ECA  (1hr)Homework(10min)
Wednesday: travel (25min)Reading(15min) Tutor (2hr),Homework(10min)
Thursday:     travel (25min)Reading(15min),Homework(10min)
Friday:         travel (25min)Reading(15min) Basketball ECA (1hr),homework(10min)
Saturday:     Reading(15min)
Sunday:       Reading(15min)

Wow!  they seem very busy.

As you can see, below there is space for another entry...send me your information if you want to be included.

Are you really busy or do you wish you had more to do after school?
Do you watch T.V or play on the computer?  Richie and Bua didn't mention that in their writing, but I bet they spend some time in front of a screen.

I am a very busy person!  My name is

This is what I do before and after school:

Friday, 13 November 2009

Varied diet - balanced plate

What is a balanced plate?  Is it a plate which rests firmly on the table without falling off??


We have made balanced plates with food from all 5 food groups...can you remember their names?  Send them in as a comment.

Here's a great game to help you learn them and have fun making a balanced plate for a healthy diet.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Times Table Tips

I have just found this great website with loads of ways of helping you to learn times tables.  It's called Dr Mike's Math Games For Kids.  Go here for the times table tips.

Times tables are so helpful...when I go shopping and buy 7 cartons of juice which cost 15 baht each I can quickly work out how much I will need...when I sponsor someone 10 baht for each length thay swim and they swim eight lengths, I can quickly find the answer.

When you know your times tables, you can check that you are paying the right amount and getting the right amount of change!

Here are some downloadable cards which you can print and make into a game.  Here are the answers.  Play at home or at school.

Here are tips for the 5 x table,6 x table, 7 x table, 8 x table, 9 x table and there are many other tips too.

Don't forget that Timezattack is another way to learn, but I find that the best way is to repeat each fact and answer.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

This week's homework for maths

Please write out your 2x, 4x, 5x and 10x tables in your reading record books.

Please be ready to hand in your books on Monday 9th November.

If you know these then write the times tables you need to learn.

Have a look at the Woodlands site for some games ideas, but one of the best ways to learn is to say them, write the facts down on cards and write the answers on cards and play a matching game (use the back of a cereal packet if you don't have any other card). also has some good x games.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Match the question to the answer.

Do  you need help matching answers with questions?

Go here and try to match the question to the answer.

Match the question to the answer.  Thanks to Dan Sacking and Larry Ferlazzo for pointing out this link.