Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Division Facts

If you are on your way to knowing some of your times tables, you should already know many division facts too.

This bingo game is a great game for helping you to learn the division facts quickly.

This number space invaders game helps you work on multiplication and division facts.  You also get to choose which times or division facts you are working on.

This petshop game gives you prizes for the answers you answer correctly.

This harvest game rewards you with  a game where you leap from hay bale to hay bale but you must avoid the crows

Please comment on your best scores and your favourite games.


  1. I like the Harvest game very much because it was fun but the hard part was when you had to scare away the birds and get the sacks.


  2. I like the Petshop game because the animals were so cute and the qustions were easy I got 1 or 2 wrong.


  3. I did not really like the bingo game because
    it had no sound and when you get your answer wong 3 times they never allow you to go to the next qustion.


  4. We liked the Petshop game because it was so easy even if we tried the super hard one.

    Punn and Bua

  5. We loved the petshop game because it was very
    easy we still liked it.



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