Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Writing about the beach - setting

I heard my friend Billy talking to a tall boy.  They were trying to make friends, saying things like "What is your name?  What are you doing today?  What date is your birthday?  How old are you?"  I heard the seagulls squarking loudly.  The wind blew very hard and very loud.
The coconut trees were leaning from the power of the wind.  I saw light sand and it was extremely hot and it looked very red.


Waves hitting shore, seagulls calling , it's a wonderful day to be at the beach. Suddenly I heard a screaming sound.  Oh, it was just a boy laughing about his video game.  So I just carried on sunbathing.  I heard a dog barking.  At  the sea a boy was just about to get the ball when suddenlyu he fell down a hole.  His parents raced to the hole, but the boy was already gone and there were some strange footprints which looked like hands.
Haley had silky brown hair and a pink swimming costume.  She was so shocked by the handprints...


Tom was strolling along the beach when he saw something but he could not tell what it was because it was night.  Tom came back the next night.  It was still there so he made a plan to come back the next night.


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