Thursday, 26 November 2009

Our Local area

We have been using the cafe, dentist, opticians and shshi bar role play areas.

Which looks like the best fun?
How good is your eyesight?
Do you need any fillings?
What kind of sushi do you like to eat?
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  1. Dear 3W

    Thank-you very much for your ideas for Patana Central. You are all very good thinkers. Some of the ideas are very imaginative, I love the thought of a Magic shop! I am sure there are some great magicians in the year group!

    This afternoon, the teachers are meeting and we will read your list and come up with some plans for next week.

    I am so pleased you are all enjoying learning in our shared area.

    With thanks,
    Miss Marcelle

  2. Dear Miss Marcelle,

    We enjoyed the shared area role play. We liked the sushi bar because we made sushi out of clay and sold it to customers. We liked playing the manager of the internet café because we got to give out money. We liked being the wealthy person in all of the areas. We were very happy being rich!

    Here are some ideas we have thought of:
    • Pet shop
    • Kumon Centre
    • Toy shop
    • Shoe shop
    • (Designer) Clothes shop
    • Swensons
    • Bank
    • Car show room
    • A posh restaurant with a band.
    • Science school
    • Hospital
    • Sweet shop
    • Magic shop
    • Pet Gym
    • Parking Lot
    • Museum
    • KFC
    • Smoothie Bar

    Best Wishes

    Ben Winter and 3W

  3. I think that the picters are cool

    from jessica

  4. I think melanie lookes very funny because that she is gouing oooooo in the picitur

    from:jessica D


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