Friday, 20 November 2009

400 marble - Class party - Wednesday afternoon, 1:15-2:15

Well done for being kind and thoughtful and following the Golden Rules.

We have earned 400 marbles and are having our party this week.  (We waited for Tom to come back to school).  So well done to Punn and Joe for helping to organise the party during break and lunch times.  Thanks to these people for saying they will bring along food, games or activities:

Food and drinks
  • Thomas - Oreos
  • Annabel - Popcorn
  • Richie - Cakes
  • Ali - Brownies
  • Joe - Crisps
  • Punn - Orange Juice
  • Tom - Guava juice
  • Melanie - Blueberry juice
  • Estelle - Apple juice
Games and activities
  • Richie - Lego
  • Adelia - jigsaw
  • Tinn - colouring
  • Melyssa and Rita - Teddy bears
  • Annabel - skipping rope
  • Joe - Alien Twist
  • Anika - Pass the parcel (can you bring a music cd too?)
  • Jessie - Twister 
  • Melyssa - Monopoly

If you need to prepare any activities, then please get this ready before Wednesday.   


  1. Dear Mr Ben

    I really like posting comment's
    on your blog and your games are awsome
    can yu put some more games on the blog.
    From Poon

  2. Dear Mr Ben

    the games I want on the blog are
    my maths.

    From Poon.


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