Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Reading minutes challenge - Day 1

Our reading minutes challenge started yesterday and today we have collected in the minutes.

Well done to Bubblegush group (what an amazing group name too!) for reading the magnificent total of 208 minutes yesterday. All 4 members (Melanie, Toby, Joe and Annabel) of the group:

  • read
  • wrote down their reading minutes
  • brought their sheet to school

Not far behind is The Beast Children with 175 minutes.

Ahead so far in the individual challenge is Seb on the page turning total of 101 minutes!

Have a look here for the scores.

How many minutes did 3W read altogether on Monday?

Parents, please remind your child to bring in the reading minutes sheet every day this week, with minutes written down and a signature from you (if possible) to "certify" the minutes.


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