Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Coketooth Tuesday update

Well the tooth had a break from the coke at the weekend (I forgot to put it back in the coke after taking the Friday pictures!)

Here is the Tuesday picture...still in one piece and it even has some white enamel showing.
The picture below shows some mould which started to grow on the surface of the coke.

I wonder why that happened?

I cleaned it off with a tissue and the tooth sits at the bottom of the glass beaker.

Tomorrow is the last day of school so who knows what will be there when we get back on Tuesday 5th January.


  1. Fungus..ie. mold thrives on dampness. and sugar

    coke is an ideal breeding ground for mold

  2. I'm afraid the mold's spore could cause lung infection if we breath in. Shold we close the lid or seal the container before school open?

  3. Fear not! I have cleaned the mould away. I'm always very careful with mould as I know it can contain harmful spores. The 3W classroom is mould free place as far as I know!


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