Thursday, 3 December 2009

Learning Conferences,Reading and Local Area Trip

It was great to see so many parents and children at the conferences during the past few days.

One of the common areas I talked about was reading. I want to make it clearer that 20 minutes reading every night is a homework expectation.  

How should I read?
  • If you are a very fluent reader and you understand most of what you read, then an adult can help you by asking questions about your reading.  
  • If you are becoming fluent then you should read aloud for some of the reading time.
  • If you need help with quite a lot of help with words, then read aloud to an adult.
I would like you now to start recording what you are reading in your blue reading record.

What should I write in my reading record? 

  • Write the date and the title (if you are continuing with the same title from the day before, then you can write "same as yesterday" to save time). 
  • When your parents hear you read or ask you questions about your reading, please ask them to sign your reading record.
  • I will ask some children to do a more detailed reading target.  This will mean they need to read 4 books from a list, write about them and post blog comments ALL WITHIN A MONTH...wait for more information. 
Here are some photos, hot off the press, from our trip around our local area.  There are some pictures from the wall which celebrate the King of Thailand.

Which special day is coming up soon in Thailand? 



    1. I enjoy going on the Local area trip because we cept shouting 'where is the Tuk Tuk ?".

      It was FUN going on the trip!


    2. Dear Mr Ben,

      I enjoyed going to central Bangna. I still remember i going to Little Gym.


    3. I think tinn is veary famous because that he is in a lot of photos

      from:Jessica D

    4. Dear Mr Ben

      I really really liked going around are local area. Becuase i got to see all the intrestig pictures on the walls.


    5. I liked the view from littel gim and werd search.

    6. Dear Mr Ben
      I realy like the Bangna trip.

      From Rita

    7. Dear Mr Ben

      I realy like the Bangna trip

      From Rita


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