Tuesday, 8 December 2009


We were having a go at some mymaths tasks today.  If you haven't seen this great site then it is worth a look.  Lots of homework tasks with helpful lessons which go along with them.

Money was an area which caused problems for a few people.

Here are a few BEAM activity sheets and games.  Some of these were set as this week's homework.

Here are some other UK money sites from Crickweb:

Money box - drop money into the moneybox and add it up!
Slot machine to 50p - pull the handle, let it spin and add up the coins.
Slot machine to £2 - - pull the handle, let it spin and add up the coins
Mr Toffee's sweet shop - Go to the shop, buy some items and pay.  Click on Show total for help.
White Elephant Shop - buy items up to £20 and give the correct coins.

Remember to comment on the games you liked the best.

Please say why...What did they help you learn?...Were they fun?...Did they make nice noises?  Did they help you teach your sister?

Here are some other interesting UK money facts.


  1. I really liked the slot machine games because
    it had a lot of money and I sometimes keep down a record of how manytimes I got 50p or


  2. I liked Mister Toffe's sweet shop because I bought nearly all the things on the shelf including marsh mallows and also I get to pay the correct amount without making a mistake.



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