Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Do you want to change the way things are at school?

Read on to find out more about how to become one of the next student council members for year 3

Here are some details from Miss Caswell:

Once elected the children have a clearly defined role.  They are expected to:-

  • Talk to other children to find out what they think

  • Listen carefully to others

  • Represent the views of the class not themselves

  • Attend regular meetings

  • Keep and read minutes from meetings

  • To report back to their classmates

The representatives are uged to talk to the children in their class to find out ideas.  They bring their findings to council meetings but are urged to be realistic and always remember to be polite.  The Council is not a ‘complaints committee.’  It is intended as a forum where children can help think of ways to improve Year 3.

We have been very impressed with the suggestions made by the children. For example, the Council requested that special steps be made to go with our outside water fountains as some of our ‘vertically challenged’ children were finding it difficult to drink.  Children have monitored our Adventure playground and have spotted potential repairs and reported them enabling us to fix them before they become a major and more expensive need.  The children are very vigilant and lets us know very quickly when they spot something.

See me for an application form, which needs to be handed in by the end of Monday 11th January or click here.

Elections will take place next week.

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