Tuesday, 19 January 2010

How to make Cannonball Slug Pie

What you need 
tomato, ketchup, salt, slugs x 5 not dead, 1 plain pie, cannonball  1000 grams (1kg)

How to make Cannonball  Slug Pie
  • First you get the plain  pie 
  • Next  stuff   all  the  slugs inside the pie
  • After that  you  start to squirt  all the tomato ketchup on  the pie
  • Then you pour half the cup of the salt
  • And then  carefully lift the 1000 gram  cannon  ball and put it inside.
Samuel lee   3w


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  1. thank you for all the pictures and games on the blog.when are we goig on a trip agian. from anika


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