Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Year

What have you all been up to?   Hope you all had a great rest and are ready for Term 2 and the residentials.

I spent a few lovely relaxing days on Koh Chang.
Please write your Holiday who, what, where, when, why, which, how facts in the comments section.

Mr Ben


  1. We had a great holiday with the grandparents and aunt visiting from far awy places (Bolivia anc Chicago). We flew to Krabi and did some ocean kayaking into caves, fed fish by hand and snorkled a bit around coral reefs. We travel by road to Chiang Mai and got to see Sukhothai and Kampaeng Phet ruins on the way to and from Chiang Mai (worth the pain of the many hours of driving). Chaing Mai was not as nice as "I" thought. Biking and climbing would be nice though but we did not get to do it.

    Now, getting up this morning to go to school was hard, after being sed to waking up late and going to bed late, talking and playing until 10 or 11 everynight...

    Aunt left for Chicago, grand-parents will be with us for another 5 weeks or so.

    Sawasdee Pi Mai to everyone!!!

    Mauricio Villegas

  2. For my Christmas Holiday I went to Koraat in Thailand to visit my cousins. I travelled with my mum, uncle, grandmother but not dad because he was looking after my grandfather. I stayed for two days andthen I returned back to my home.On christmas day when I woke up I found my present in my stoking,it was money.I was very happy.I went to put it away to buy some snacks.I also went to Pattaya to swim on my own.

    Adelia 3W

  3. I went swiming at my freind house and we went
    to watch Avartar at the cinima and it was very fun. My dad drove to the chinese restaraunt with my family and freinds.


  4. I went to New Zeland for my holiday and it was very fun. it was warm.

    From Toby

  5. On my Christmas holiday I went to Japan in Hokaido and Tokyo. I went to Hokaido for 4 days and in Tokyo I went there for 3 days and i went to Hua Hin too. I went there for 5 days. I went to Hokaido and Tokyo with my mum,my dad,my brother,my sister and my friends. I Skied in Hokaido every day I stayed at the hotel every day. I went shopping but I didn't stay long because I was sick. In Hua Hin I went shopping,playing with my friends and swimming and my cousinm had a sleep over.

    by richie

  6. I went to krabi and stayde there 10 days and after that I went to I do not no but I had a good time.

    Laure 3W


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