Friday, 3 April 2009

Egypt...the journey of discovery begins!

We start learning about The Ancient Egyptians in term three. It will be great.

Here are some funny(ish) jokes. Please send any more as comments to this post.

How do you ring an Egyptian doorbell?
Tutankhamun (Toot and come in!)

Do you know why you'll never starve to death in the desert?
Because of the "sand which is" there!

What did King Tut say when he had a nightmare?
"I want my Mummy!"

What do you get if you cross an Egyptian mummy and a car mechanic?
Toot and Car Man.

Start to find out about the ancient Egyptians. Remember the question words...they will help you to think about what you want to find out:
who - Who is the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of cats?
what - what do words like amulet, embalming and natron mean?
Where is Egypt? 
When did the ancient Egyptians live?
why - Why did the Ancient Egyptians use a hook during mummification?
- Why did the pharaohs build pyramids?
- Why do we learn about the Egyptians?
- Why is King Tut famous?
which - Which is the biggest pyramid?
how - How did the Egyptians write?

Please send any links to might like to try this one...maybe send me a webreview of the site...what did it help you to learn? Did it teach you new vocabulary? Were there good illustrations?


  1. This is great!

    It is so good the game is so good.


  2. these jokes are so corny!

    I liked the one that was the nightmare.

    please sent more.


  3. These jocks are really funny


  4. What do you call the river nile when there are crocodiles?



  5. HA!! That was exccelent I loved the sandwiches one that was very funny!!

  6. I liked the sandwich one.


  7. Thank you mr ben for the game my cousin is in thailand and she likes the game very much but when my family leaves i will tell them all!!! to go on the blog and then we can have more places in our map

  8. The Ancient Eygpt live long time agoe in the past.


  9. Why did Egyptians wear masks - Tahn
    Why did the Egyptians mummify their Pharaohs? - Tushar
    Why did the Egyptians build the pyramids? - Gaius

  10. When did the egyptian civilization begin?
    The Civilization of Ancient Egypt began near the time of 3150 BC.On

    When exactly did the egyptian civilization end?
    Ancient Egypt came under the control of several other empires off & on at various times during its long history, but the "official" end came with the death of Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator (THE Cleopatra) in 30 BCE.On

    Tushar 3W


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