Thursday, 2 April 2009

Wow! What a busy term!

We have been very reflective today, reviewing the term. We have also spent some time thinking about our maths assessments.
We thought of all the elements of the term at school and added them to this kidspiration map. Some children felt it was too messy. They may be right. We used it as a reminder or prompt for our review writing which will go home in our record of achievement today or tomorrow.


  1. We think it was such a busy term that are brains almost bursted!!! We thinked the assesments made are brains ache the most. This term was great because it made us more smart and strong.

    From Tahn and Kristine

  2. What an exciting term, although we did a lot this term. I think that every bit of work I did was more challenging than I thought! The maths assesment was the best because I learned a lot!!!


  3. Athena, I'm so pleased the maths assessment helped you. That's will it change what you do in maths?

  4. I think this term was so hard and i think my brain exploded because of this term!


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