Monday, 27 April 2009

New Project Homework

We have some new homework this term.
We don't have reading comprehension any more.
We don't have maths homework on Mondays.
We DO still have spellings, tested on Thursdays.

It is called Project Homework. We will be doing the homework in a booklet and it is due to be handed in on Thursday 7th May.

You must also make a front cover, including your name and "Project Homework"

The first task is to Investigate the number 31.

You need to be:
  • organised (time and presentation),
  • tidy,
  • knowledgeable,
  • a risk taker,
  • a thinker,
  • open-minded
  • a good communicator
Please use the two pages of the book which contain the task slip.

Good luck.

You will have to wait until Monday 11th May for news of the next topic homework.


  1. when you finished investigating 31 one what do
    you do with all the another pages?


  2. When you have finished researching 31, well done. You will get more homework to fill up the rest of the book after the long weekend.

  3. I love this homework it's fun but hard somtimes


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