Sunday, 19 April 2009

Light and Shadows - the earth in space

Why does the sun appear to move across the sky?
Why does the sun create shadows which change in length and direction during the day? Look here for a great animation. What time on the animation is the shadow the longest? Send answers as comments - remember to put your name if you use the answer anonymously option.

Usually I show it in class by using a bright light, a globe and a piece of blutack shaped like a person!

This website shows the earth rotating and you can change the month of the year to show how much sun each part of the earth gets.

This website is a great animation of the earth rotating, while it orbits the earth and while the moon orbits the earth.

To see how to make shadows bigger or smaller using an object, a screen and a light source, look here.


  1. I never knew that the moon orbits the earth, now I learnt that it does by watching the video.

    Tushar 3W

  2. I did not know that, either!

  3. I did not know that the earth moves and the sun does not ,but now I know that.


  4. I never knew that the earth rotates and moves at the same time. That is just amazing!!!!!!!

  5. I didnt know that much about space until now!!!


  6. I thought the sun moves around the earth but after looking at that cool video i know!!!!


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