Monday, 5 October 2009

The best part of my weekend was...

We started off the week with a very simple circle time listening activity. Taking turns to listen is really important. It's also really interesting to know what other people do at the weekend.

Here is a snapshot of the highlights of the 3W weekend:

Watching rugby
sleeping later
Melyssa's party and meditation
my birthday party
going to Sophie's house for party
getting a Wii
water fight
watching live tennis, birthday
new website and game
playing spies with my friends
having a take away (take out)
3D Gforce
very big party with more than 20 people, doing some washing up
party, funarium, going to sleep late, waking up early
playing with friends
watching "Wacked out sports"
playing at my friends
going to a restaurant with bed chairs

Can you remember who said what?

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