Saturday, 10 October 2009

Making a graph?

We have been making graphs from our surveys this week.  We entered the data from our tally charts and frequency diagrams into 2simple software.  The problem came when we tried to print them out.  The teacher menus were difficult for us to we improvised and learnt how to use the print screen button!

Pressing control-shift-PrtScrn takes a picture (a screenshot)  of the screen at that moment.  You can then paste it into another document.  We pasted into Word.

Here's an online site which allows you to make your own graphs.

Try to make a graph of something at home...maybe the ages of your family, the sizes of your shoes, the number of power points in each room.

Let me know how the graph making goes.  You could send me a screenshot of the graph you make.

This BBC site is amazing.  You ask the different people questions and enter the data in a tally.  Have a go.  Please comment. 

Good luck!


  1. If you haven't tried it, forms in Google documents is a easy way to gather information and then it will display that information in a pie graph (maybe other, I don't know for sure.)

    I have always avoided using spreadsheets to create graphs because I have a tough time wrapping my head around how it works. I think it is great you have found Create a Graph which is what I have had my students use instead of Excel.

    MR. C

  2. I enjoyed doing the graph!!!



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