Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Swimming gala rules and events

Here's some information about the swimming gala.

Try to make sure that you know the rules for the races you are in...remember the list of your events is in the classroom.

2009 Swimming Galas – explanation of the events

·         Starts and Finishes
25m Pool:        All individual races start at deep end. All relays start at shallow end.
50m Pool:        All races finish on far side of pool (under the Grandstand).
·          Year 3 and 4 Ball Kicking relay:   Must start in the water - must hold the ball in 2 hands – ball must touch the wall before next person leaves – no pushing the ball in front.
·         Breaststroke:  Two hand touch.
·         Sky Ball relay – first team member at shallow end of pool side with all others behind in a straight line – pass ball over top and last person swims to front – when first person reaches the front again the team has finished. They will be wearing a water polo hat.
·         Backstroke: Don’t turn before reaching wall
·         Chariot relay: Teacher sits on top of tyre –  3 push to other end – tyre must be touching wall between groups and no use of hands by the teachers please.
·         Doggy Paddle:  Arms must stay under water – no freestyle action allowed – no feet down in shallow end.
·         Titanic relay:  Lifejacket must be clipped up – pupils must get out of water before taking off lifejacket – pupils may jump in.
·         Butterfly: 2 handed touch
·         Teacher Bay watch: Pupils must line up with first pupil at the flags – teacher must throw container – pupils may kick but not put feet on the bottom – they must be sat in a line away from teacher to finish.
·         Freestyle relay:  One handed touch before next team mate goes.
·         Treasure hunt: 1 minute to collect as many objects in basket as possible – only one object at a time – pupils can collect objects from any part of pool – don’t stay in lanes
·         Golf ball word game: 2 team members on poolside making the word – 7 to 9 letters to be collected.  CLUE EXAMPLE: What swimming stroke must you touch the wall with two hands?  
Don’t shout out the answer – if you don’t need a ball throw it back in –limited time to complete it – only one ball at a time.
·         IM: Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle.
·         Medley Relay: Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Freestyle.
·         Double Doggy Noodle Race: In pairs with one child holding a noodle each between their legs one behind each other swim to the opposite side of the pool where they touch and hand over the noodles to the next pair who are waiting on pool side.
·         Centipede Race: 3 children hold each other by the hips and swim, each with a noodle under their chest without letting go to the opposite side of the pool where they hand over the noodles to the next group of 3.
·         Water Polo Relay: Must start in the water. Ball must be pushed (not thrown) ahead in a water polo style.
·         Under water fin swim: Children will start in the water, swim along the bottom of the pool as fast as they can wearing fins. Year 5 is an individual event but Year 6 is a relay.
·         Survival Swim Relay: (Year 3 and 4) Relay race where children must use a swim rescue technique keeping their head above the water. Children will start at the deep end and enter the water by straddle jump then swim head up rescue swim to a rope across the water which they will touch before returning to the deep end to touch the wall for the next swimmer to start with their straddle jump entry.
·         Straddle Jump Entry Relay: (Year 5 and 6) Relay race where each competitor must enter the water with a straddle jump entry trying to keep their head above the surface, they then swim with a head up rescue swim technique to the middle of the pool where there is a submerged hoop that they must swim through before resurfacing and continuing their head up swim to the opposite side for their team mate to begin.
·         Surfs Up Body Board Relay: (Year 5 and 6) Relay race where each swimmer must swim their width using a body board to help them.  How they use it is up to team tactics but the swimmer must touch the side before the next swimmer can begin!

We have also been asked to make a few banners so that we can carry them in during a parade.  We will be coming from the Hardcourt to the 25m pool.  We have one left over from the basketball which one of the class brought in. 

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