Thursday, 11 June 2009

Egyptian Day

Well done to all of you who have commented on this blog, about Egyptian Day or about another event. Also remember that you can leave comments about events the School Website.

Keep on commenting.

A BIG THANKYOU to Chai Ling (Grace's mum) for the slideshow of images from yesterday, with music...a great reminder of a very memorable day.

Don't forget that tomorrow is the Y3 interclass football.


  1. It was really fun. I saw lots of people wearing Egyptian clothes. We did lots of activities. We did Mini mummy making, dancing and learning and writing our names in hiereglefics. I enjoyed it a lot! The feast was great. We had lot's of types of food.3w had to bring cakes and biscuits. It was great fun!!!!


  2. By:Nannita

    Egyptain Day is great fun.
    Everyone was havng fun on that day, and playing like Egyptain people.


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