Monday, 8 June 2009

Looking after our teeth

During this term, we learned about teeth and eating. All of us made a made a poster about looking after our teeth.

So we found out some facts. Here are some facts about looking after your teeth:

1. Don't eat more than 1 whole bar of chocolate in a day

2. Avoid fizzy drinks and sugar.

3.Cut out sugary food.

Did you know?
Some people are born with teeth.
A complete set of adult teeth includes 32 teeth.
A canine tooth is for ripping.
The enamel is the white, hard outside layer.
Some animals only have canine crocodiles and sharks.


  1. great poster prabhav! it is very colourful and creative.

    lei and kristine

  2. There are lots of colourful boxs.
    You have lot of beautiful things.

    From Nita and Kayla my cousin.

  3. Nice poster Prabhav.
    Thanks Kristine and lei for commenting for Prabhav.

    Jonah 4E.


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