Friday, 12 June 2009

Footballicious, Swimming Mad and Violintastic!

Well we knew it was going to be a busy week, but what a result!

3W persevered and communicated superbly in the girls, boys and mixed football tournaments today and came out with an overall win. A fabulous team effort! It was a great tournament with much hard work and preparation by the PE staff.

I'm so pleased that you have this photographic record of the event, which was speedily and expertly put together, by Chai Ling.... again...many thanks!

Another well done goes to Kristine, for her recently won award for Most Valuable Swimmer.

Athena also deserves a big shout, with her Grade 1 violin exam today...can't wait to hear how she got on.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Well done 3W - another incredible win. I was so impressed with the effort and determination seen on the pitches today.

    I hope you have a shelf spacious enough for all the trophies you have collected this year.

    Great leadership Mr Ben.

    Miss Jane

  2. Very proud of you guys... You always do your best and the results are just fantastic!! And what a speedy update here! Well done, Mr Ben, and big thanks to Chai Ling also.

    Oi (Tahn's mum)

  3. Well done Athena for your grade 1 exam hope you pass th test same like me i had pass the test.

    Jonah 3w 555
    good luck!

  4. thank you Chai ling for sending those fantastic pictures! I felt really good when we got the trophy. And the certificate.


  5. I had lots of fun!!


  6. i am so happy that we won

  7. I was imperesd with my team!!!


  8. It was great to win aagain!!



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