Monday, 22 June 2009

Leap Year ...a fact you should know and another really wierd one!

You might have thought that the year 2100 is going to be a leap year,
but it isn't! Every 4 years there is a leap year and 2096 is a leap year
but surprisingly the year 2100 doesn't follow the pattern!
We checked on the Internet and two sites said that 2100 isn't a leap year!
A website said that every year divisible by 100 isn't a leap year but a year
divisible by 400 is a leap year and if a year is divisible by 400 and 100
is a leap year
See this and this for more information.


  1. Great research. I love finding out new things. I really had no idea that the rules about leap years were so complex!

  2. I never knew ths fact!!!!

    I can ask this question to any person and I am sure they wont say the right answer!!!


  3. RHEA!!!!

    If you ask me that question i would know it



  4. JO!!!

    I mean someone who is not in our class!



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