Monday, 19 April 2010

Ancient Egypt Vocabulary Graphic Organiser

We used this graphic organiser to help become more familiar with words connected with Ancient Egypt.

We worked in groups and this meant that we had to listen, talk, think, cooperate, and help each other learn to say and start to understand these words.

Here is a link to the googledoc that we used in class.

You can use the hyperlinks on the document to research.

Look at some of the pictures of us working together in groups.

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  1. Hi 3W!
    You have a very interesting blog! Your exploration of Egypt looks like a lot of fun. Do you ever post examples of the students' work on Extraordinary Egypt?
    I teach Technology for Young 5's through 5th grade in the USA. I am always looking for new project ideas. You can drop by to visit us at
    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Mrs. Moore and the Techie Kids


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