Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter and Songkran

The assembly in school on Friday told us how we could get ready for Songkran.

Today Maisie and I were blowing eggs...we made holes in both ends of the eggs, wiggled a toothpick around in the egg to loosen up the insides (a bit like what the Ancient Eggyptians(!) did with the brains of people they were about to mummify) and blew out the contents.  We then painted them. 

How are Eggs and bunnies connected to Easter?  Have a look here.

Have a look at the wiki we have been taking part in, along with The Smarties, a class in Australia and many other classes around the world.  The aim was to discover how people celebrate Easter.  As Songkran is celebrated in Thailand, I said we would write about Songkran instead.  Well done to those children who sent in writing to be included: Punn, Annabel, Richie, Cane, Laure and Toby.

Have a happy Easter OR Songkran.

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