Thursday, 22 April 2010

Another volcano link

Animated explanation of Earth's mantle and crust

The blog looks different doesn't it!

I had a few problems yesterday, but I hope it's now back to normal.

Please let me know if:

  • there are any problems,
  • if any links do't work
  • if you can't find something on the blog.

Thanks for reading and commenting.


  1. I liked the the volcano linked it was great!

    Punn Bua

  2. Dear Mr ben

    I liked the story of Horrid Henry and the demon lunch lady because it was funny when the Greedy lady snatcher snatched the cookies that Henry made she grew red hot


  3. I liked the volcano link because it was great and interresting. I liked the volcano link because it was very fun.

    From:Richie and Cane
    To:Mr Ben

  4. I like the volcano, that you put on the blog! My brother wants to look this video everyday! The lava was very squary and impressed! The volcano is so big and it is beautiful to see


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