Monday, 12 April 2010

Flat Anubis

You know the story of Flat Stanley, don't you?

Well, these children have written another version of the story and their Flat characters went to different places in the world.  Listen to their story and comment.

Today I just found this site which has a Flat Anubis.  You can print and cut out the Anubis character and then the idea is to take a photo of it in a special place.

Maybe Anubis could be about to go swimming in your pool...maybe Anubis could be about to get into a taxi...Anubis might be going shopping in Cantral Bangna.

Take some photos and then send them in, either to me or to the original website.

The website also allows you to send an ecard with an Egyptian theme...send to a friend or relative and let them know what you have been up to in the holidays.

Here's one I sent.

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