Sunday, 18 April 2010

Iceland Volcano affects worldwide flights

You must have been hearing about the volcanic eruptions in Iceland.

Flights from some parts of Europe have been delayed due to particles of rock, sand and glass in the air.  See this CBS news report.

Here are some links for you to find out more:

CBBC - What causes volcanoes?  You can also find out 2 helpful effects of volcanoes.
ABC -  Iceland Volcano: Spewed Ash Grounds Planes
BBC - animated guide to volcanoes

Also don't forget to look at the Rock Cycle post from last week which has a great animation of volcanoes as part of the whole process of how rocks are made from magma.

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  1. We were there snowmobiling on that glacier one day before the volcano erupted! A man wanted to give me a piece of 5 day lava rock but I didn't bring it home. We were so lucky that we left Iceland when the volcano erupted otherwise we would be stuck there for months. The ash and dust were chasing our plane. I will send you pictures of the 5 day lava rock!!!!!!!!

    Punn 3w


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