Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Building in 3D...sort of!

If you like making models using lego or other construction materials, then you will love this site.

You build in 2D and a computer 3D model is built. Have a go.

What can you build?

Have a look here.

Here is an example from Jessie and Annabel, which they very cleverly took a photo of as a screenshot (Shift+prt Scrn) and then saved as a word document and THEN emailed as an attachment:

If you know that you need to have some practice naming 3D shapes and giving their properties (faces, edges and vertices (or corners)) then this site is the one for you. We used it in class. Click on the STARTER ACTIVITY button. Follow the link here.

Do you want to help wrap up some parcels? You need to know which net is the right one for the diffeerent shaped parcels. Follow this link.

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