Thursday, 20 May 2010

Today's learning from home

A big well done to Samuel, who has been editing the class Ancient Egypt wiki .

Many of you have logins for this wiki which allow you to read, edit and add information to the site. Please have a go, or let me know if you are not yet a member. I will then send you an invite and you will need to make up a name to use so that you can take part.

Here is an Ancient Egyptian quiz, which Miss Caswell kindly said we could use. You need to check whether facts are true or false and may use the internet. If you need to, please check with your parents first.

Please check your email inboxes and take the opportunity to read any old emails, keep the ones you want/need to, and throw the rest in the bin!

Log onto storynory. and learn a few tongue twisters! They are HARD!!

If you find any words that you do not know what they mean please write them in your Blue book. Later you can look up the meaning and write it with the word in your Blue book.

Don't forget to go to mymaths if you haven't done the two units from the last few days.
Here are some other links.

Please comment on the ones you find most helpful.

Maths Number
If you have lego, bricks, boxes or anything like that try to build a map of the Nile and Egypt (Like the one in our shared area) take a photo for our blog!

Hope to see you soon.

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