Monday, 10 May 2010

Tonight's homework is 3D!

Make a shape from the net you were given today.

Remember to :

  • Cut the shape out carefully and accurately
  • Crease the dotted fold lines between the shapes faces and the flaps
  • Decorate the blank side of the net (you could make the shape look like a real Egyptian pyramid, or you could use hieroglyphics to decorate a border)
  • Cut a small hole in the shape for the string if you want to be able to hang up the shape
  • Glue the shape together
  • While it is drying, have a good chat with someone near you, sing a song or learn to recite the alphabet's up to you, but it will help you pass the time as the glue dries.

Forgot your net? DON'T panic! Have a look here for some printable nets.

Have 3D!

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