Monday, 17 May 2010

Is water a mineral?

During our learning about rocks and minerals, Seb came up with the question

Is water a mineral?

We weren't sure of the answer so looked in books and encyclopedias. There weren't any convincing answers.

We looked on the internet. This site, which is a site you can add your own answers to, gave the answer of NO.

However, you have to be careful what you read on the internet...Last year I was playing around with a site callled wikianswers, with my daughters. We thought it would be fun to ask the question...Who is the best in 4M? you can see, it is quite easy to put information onto the internet which may be an opinion or may not be true.

Anyway, Seb went away and thought and decided that he NEEDED TO ASK AN EXPERT.

Luckily for Seb, he has a relative who is a scientist.

I asked Seb
"Can I publish his explanation to the blog?" and "Are you happy with his explanation or do you need another expert to back up his answer? "
He said :
It is ok for you to put it on the blog and I kinda want another scientist to back it up to see if they have the same idea.

So here's the reply Seb got to his email:

Dear Seb
It's GREAT to get a message from you.
I am not an expert on minerals but it seems to me that ice fulfills all the requirements of minerals that I learned in school. I looked to see if the requirements have changed since then, that is, whether there is a new definition of mineral.
It looks like in 1995 some mineral experts added a new requirement, which is that the crystal be formed by geologic processes. If you follow that definition, ice
would not be a mineral because it's formed rapidly and reversibly. However,
by the standard definition, I believe that ice should be considered a mineral.

So, if there are any science teachers out there or experts in minerals, who could add to our discussion, please comment.


  1. Certainly liquid water is not a mineral. I think your expert is right though that a mineral must be formed by a geological process and ice is not so....

  2. Water is not a minireal because water is water and there is only mineral water which only contains the minireals.



  3. To mr ben i enjoyed litening to the nose that ran away becase t was very funny and it had Toby, Annabel and Isis



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