Saturday, 16 May 2009

Ancient Egyptian jobs

Did the Ancient Egyptians spend all of their time building pyramids?
Did the pharaohs help their slaves build the pyramids?
Did the Egyptians use tractors?
Who knew how to write?
Did children go to school?
What kinds of birds the Ancient Egyptians keep for food?
Were priests allowed to marry?
How do we know all this about the Ancient Egyptians? (clue:look at the pictures which go along with the writing on the webpages)

For help, go here (simpler) or to these places for information about these jobs:
farmers and landowners
For information about other parts of daily life, go here (simpler) or go to these places:
daily life - an introduction
leisure and childs play
hunting and fishing
food and drink

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  1. I woudnt want to be a acient egypaion farmer or slave or have any other acient egyptain job


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