Friday, 1 May 2009

Smoothies - the language of taste and smell.

Designing the tastiest, healthiest smoothie is our current DT challenge.

We set off on our thirst quenching quest today with a tantalising taste test.

After listing words for appearance, taste and smell, we tried eight different drinks.

On Wednesday next week, we will vote for our favourite drink and for the drink which we think is the most healthy.

THE LATEST: 3W's favourite drink was Coke Zero! However, none of the class thought it was the healthiest drink. We decided that healthy foods and drinks:
  • Help us to grow,
  • Keep us healthy


  1. those smoothies were great and tasty!


  2. those drinks were Faboo!....Exept the kiwi one. I wonder who is going to make the best smoothie?


  3. I did not like any of them becuase they were
    too sour, but I enjoyed making them. Why not try, Banana, honey, syrup and yoghurt.
    I think it will make a nice taste for a smoothie.


  4. your right KRISTINE i hope who is going to mak the best smoothie. it is me i am going to faint & the smoothie were tasty and the best smoothie i ever tasted!!!


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