Thursday, 7 May 2009

Egyptian questions

What are the important events from Ancient Egypt?
When did they build the Great Pyramid?
When did the ancient Egyptians start to mummify?
When was Tutankhamun mummified?
When was the first Egyptian pyramid build?

Here are some other questions we are interested in answering?
What kind of traps were there in the pyramids?
Who was the first person to be mummified?
Who was the first Egyptian king?
How long is the River Nile?
How old is the oldest ancient Egyptian artefact?
Who was the first woman Pharaoh? When did she reign?
How are rivers formed? Where is the source of the river Nile?
How many mummies are there in Egypt?
What was the first pyramid called?
Were the Egyptians the first people to build pyramids?
Are there any famous Thai Egyptologists?

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