Tuesday, 22 September 2009

3W is feeling blue! Healthy beans!

3W is feeling blue...no we're not, but we will be wearing blue at all Year 3 sporting events this academic year. (Feeling blue means that you are feeling a bit unhappy). So if you want to get one ready for the upcoming basketball event next week it might be a good time to go shopping this wwekend.

Here's a summary of PE:

Friday 25th Sept - practice for aquathon in PE lesson - bring normal pe kit+swimming kit.
Tuesday 29th September - Basketball interclass! Wear as much blue as possible! Remember sunscreen and hat. Friday 2nd October - Aquathlon - blue kit (if you have time to wash it...otherwise normal pe kit) and swimming kit...again remember sunscreen.

Healthy beans - take a look at this picture...hasn't Santi's bean grown well!


  1. Dear 3W
    I'm intrigued as to why you've chosen blue as your colour. Can anyone let me know?
    Joe's Dad

  2. I like horid henry,
    Beaues it funny.

  3. I like the story.i


  4. Hello form Noel, Missouri USA! Mr. Winter sent me a link to your blog and I enjoyed looking through some of your posts. I teach seventh and eighth grade students keyboarding and digital media. I also get to teach teachers how to use internet tools to use in class. This is the first school blog from Thailand I have visited and I have enjoyed reading about your school.
    Mr. C

  5. Good luck with the basketball competition 3W.
    Are you going to make some banners for your supporters to wave at the side of the court?


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