Monday, 21 September 2009

Breaktime toys

At break time we can play some games which do not need equipment:
tag, hide and seek, stuck in the mud, forty-forty, candles, running, freeze tag, chinese whispers, toilet tag, goofy, singing statues, duck duck goose, banana, What's the time Mr Wolf, clapping games (concentration, the sailor went to sea, sea, sea)

Some playground games need equipment:
chess, basketball, war basketball, skipping, football, ball tag, four in a row, checkers, speed stacking, Indiana Jones, GoGos, Barbies, Squid, Lego

Next time in PSHE we will have a go at sharing some of these games in class.

If you find any good websites with playground games then send them in, either as email or as a blog comment.

Here's a good place to start. Which is your favourite?

This wikipedia site also has some good games.

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