Monday, 8 March 2010

Audio Book Comments

When you have listened to a story for 10 minutes, comment about what you have heard.

You do not have to listen to a whole story. If you have only read some of the story, your comment could start with these words:

I am enjoying the story so far and want to find out…
The words are quite difficult and this makes me …
I am confused about… because…
I think…is going to happen.

If you have finished your story what can you do to follow up ?
You could write a comment which starts with one of these lines…

The best part of the story was…
I might change the end of the story so that…
If I could be a character I would be…because…
This book reminds me of…because…
I loved this book because…
I would recommend this book to…because they like books which…
I did not like this book because…Next time I would try to choose a book which is…
Although I liked …in this book, I would rather …happened.
The main theme of this book is…


  1. Horrid Henry Gets Rich Quick. I like how Horrid Henry sold Petter.

    Seb and Tom

  2. I listened to the The Treasure Hunt it was fun becues the song was nice it was an adventure story.

    Adelia 3w

  3. I listen to Treasure Island
    I listen the chapter 2.

    Estelle 3W

  4. I like when Horrid Henry put nics on his teacher's head and his friends' heads. It was funny.
    by thomas

  5. I listen to the treasure hunt again because I like the song. I think the song is cool.

    by Guilliano 3W

  6. I like George's Marvellous Medecine because George thinks gramo is going to explplored.

    SEB 3W


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