Sunday, 28 March 2010

Reading Challenge

We have nearly reached the end of Term 2 and soon we will have the Songkran holidays.

It's time to have a reading challenge! 
Have a look at this list which is on the School Library catalogue.
How do I get there?
From the BPS website, click on students, Library, Primary, Library Catalogue, Catalogue, Mr Ben's Reading Tips (Year 3).

What do I need to do?
From now until the end of April (that is about 6 weeks) I want you to:
  1. read as many books from the list as you can
  2. record details of your reading on this form
  3. write reviews on the school library catalogue.  Try to make them at least 3 sentences long.
  4. try to find connections between the books you read.  They might be about the same animal or they may happen on desert islands.
Happy reading!

There should be books for everyone in the class to read, but if you find these books challenging, read them with an adult.  That's just as good.

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