Thursday, 11 March 2010

School Closure on Friday

Dear 3W Parents and children,

My Learning at Home

As the school is closed on Friday, here are some learning activities for you to do.

These are in place of learning at school.

I do expect you to try your best to do at least some of these activities.

To complete them you will need to do some independent learning, but it is a good chance for you to learn with your family too.

There is a copy of this sheet in your red contact book, for you to record what you do.

Please write down how long you take to do the activity

Normal Friday Timetable at school

Activity for home

Comments/time spent

Record any other learning you have done in here


Do something physical. You could go swimming or ride a bike. Be safe!

Letters and Sounds

Play buried treasure. Go to phase 5, /aw/ sound. Write 5 of your own /aw/ sounds in the comments section.


Have a nice snack and drink


Rocks and soils – use this simulation to find out about the properties of rocks.

Make notes of science words in the comments section.

Guided Reading

Read a book. Write 3 questions and answers about what you have read in the comments section.


Think of ways to decorate your picture frame. Make a labelled drawing showing what the decoration is made of in the comments section.
You could make the decorations at home.


Eat a healthy balanced meal.


Find 10 words to do with Rocks and soils. You could use words you saw in the BBC simulation. Make a glossary.- record the comment section.

Golden Time

Enjoy playing a game with a family member or friend. Here are some ideas. Here is a times table activity which you can use to help with x table facts.

Here's one which I'd like you to try for me. Let me know how you get on.

ALTERNATIVE PROJECT - you can do this instead of the learning above, but you need to spend several hours writing, editing and publishing.

Plan, write edit and publish a complete adventure story.

Make sure that :

  • you plan first
  • you make the characters believable
  • you only have a few characters.
  • you add punctuation as you write
  • you write about places which you know enough about
  • you start off with a slow pace, with low levels of excitement
  • you get a problem which makes it exciting

I will not mark these! I WILL publish them to the web! Take care to edit carefully - the world will be your audience.

Think about today's Learning - put a circle around the right answer for you

Did you work independently? Yes/no

Were you persistent (you kept trying)? Yes/no

Did you become more knowledgable? Yes/no

Did you make any mistakes? Yes/no. What could you learn from them?__________________________________________________________

Finally, please don't forget to look at the blog, to read the posts and to comment on them.

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