Monday, 15 March 2010

Getting the story started

We talked about different ways we could start our adventure stories today.

Here are some of the beginnings we came up with.

Describe the setting
The busy streets of Bangkok rushed past the windows. It was cold. The a/c was turned up too high and Seb lifted his bag so that it covered his shivering body. Cane was nearly asleep and his head rested against the window. He started snoring and Seb gave him a gentle nudge in the ribs. Cane woke up with a jump!
"Get away from me you horrible dragon!" he screamed.
"I'm not a dragon!" said Seb.
"I was having a horrible dream, and a dragon had just eaten my left foot!" said Cane.

Here's another description of setting, this time with some dialogue

Cane lifted his hand, looked with concentration and brought his hand down in the shape of a pair of scissors. Seb held out a clenched fist.
"I won, I won!" screamed Seb delightedly.

Start with some dialogue

"Stop copying what I'm doing in Rock, Paper, Scissors, " exclaimed Cane.

Which do you prefer?
Are there any other ways we could start a story?

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