Saturday, 27 March 2010

Easter and Songkran

Dear 3W,

Do you remember the school in Australia which wanted to find out how we celebrate Easter?

Well I said that most Thai people celebrate Songkran.
I know that some of you celebrate Easter as well.

Please have a look at their wiki here:

Have a look at how Easter is celebrated in Israel. Did you know what the Ceremony of Passover is?

You cannot add to this wiki. but instead could you please reply to this email with a sentence or two about How you celebrate Easter or Songkran.

I would also like to do some learning in class about this.

Have a good weekend.

LATE NEWS: Annabel was the first to reply! Please look at her comment and add your own information by leaving a comment below OR emailing me.

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  1. In Thailand on April it is hot so we celebrate Songkran and we pour water to each other to have fun.

    from Richie, Cane, Laure and Toby


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