Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Granny Prix

If the idea of Racing Grannies on their wheelchairs sounds fun to you, then this is the site for you.

You can customise (change) the hair and skin colour of your Granny as well as the wheelchair design and wheel type.

Then it's up to you to race your Granny as fast as she will go, which depends on your addition skills.

What a great game!

Also a reminder that timezattack is a great way to learn times tables in an arcade style game.


  1. We liked granny prix because we won on
    levl 9 and because we can change grannys to granny rock stars.


  2. I liked Granny Prix because you can costumise your Granny and you can choose a level.

    From Rita 3w

  3. I like this game becuase you can change what you look like and also becuase you can cheat if you click 3 answer's you will still WIN but i only did it once. Melyssa

  4. I liked the Granny Prix game because you could choose diffrent kinds of costumes for the granny and also you could choose a kind of hair for them.

    Punn 3w


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