Thursday, 4 February 2010

Asking and answering our own questions in maths

Last week, when Mrs Anne took the class, we wrote down questions which we wanted to answer using a survey.  We knew that we would be asking our friends in 3W and we wrote doen 4 or 5 possible answers.

We made sure that we had an other category in case someone's favourite wasn't on the list of answers.

This week we have been busy researching and here are some pictures.

Here's a gallery of the ones which we have finished so far and us working hard!

Here is the form we are going to use to help make our own work.  Thanks to Guilli, Punn and her mum for thinking of these criteria and typing up.

To have a go at making a graph using the web try this site.


  1. I am having my seventh grade students (13 year olds) explore the Create-A-Graph site today. I have had fifth grade students use it before as well. I think it is amazing that you are having your students collect data and graph at their young age!

    Mr. C

  2. I think it is a great idea start your students on graphing at such a young age. You have a great blog page. My class would love if you would come visit our blog page and leave a comment our blog page is .


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